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Brunel Energy provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. Our clients are predominantly major operating companies and international engineering or construction companies. Through a network of 35 offices in 5 continents (Europe, America,
Asia, Africa and Australia) we currently second nearly 4,000 Technical Engineering Specialists to the largest multi-national Oil & Gas Companies and major EPC Contractors, through well established global supply agreements
Our client is the fifth largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer. The group operates in more than 130 countries and has 96, 950 employees.
A) Description of the SERVICE:

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To assist COMPANY in the organization, management and control of the Project
To perform, supervise, co-ordinate and control all necessary Project Control activities and to ensure that they are performed in accordance with the COMPANY Rules, Guidelines and
To define, propose & implement measures supporting the respect of project objectives.
To anticipate any potential drift and propose correctives measures.
B) Specific Activities:
1. To assist COMPANY in the definition, establishment and organization of the Project.
2. Using the COMPANY Rules, Guidelines, Procedures and best work practices establish a set of Project specific procedures to cover the co-ordination and control of Project Control activities
3. To control the preparation and review of the initial Project budget and of its successive revisions and to oversee the constant monitoring of Project costs to record current status
4. To co-ordinate the planning and progress control activities associated with the establishment and management of the overall Project Schedule and individual contract Work
5. To monitor and control Project contract activities comprising identification of prospective
Tenderers, Call for Tender preparation, tender evaluation and award and all post award contract administration through to contract close-out
6. To control the internal and external reporting of the Project to ensure appropriate content
and quality of information and to liaise, as required with other COMPANY Divisions,  Partners/Shareholders and external authorities
7. To provide the necessary human resources functions for and co-ordinate the activities of he Project Control Team by informing, supporting and directing personnel in their Project oles, responsibilities and objectives
8. In charge of personnel mobilization plan and staff recruitment.
9. To manage the Documentation control system for all project activities
10. To define, propose & implement measures intended to limit the derive of the project
11. To negotiate with Authorities & Partners as regards to Contractual Strategy, financing, Taxes & insurances.
12. In charge of the implementation of quality management system.
1.2 The SERVICE shall be performed:
For an initial period (1 to 3 months) in Paris area, France.
Then during project phase in Nigeria.
JOB REQUIREMENTS: Fluent in English


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